Today in Hinduphobia January 9, 2021: Attacks on Andhra Pradesh Temples, Hindu-Blaming for US Congress Riots, and Other Effects of the Industry of the Lie

Artists respond to destructiveness
Washington Post Columnist Rana Ayyub Blames Hindus
Rutgers University Professor Audrey Truschke’s tweet
Journalists, Writers, Professors… Hinduphobes.
From News 18 (see more photos at
Chariot arson (from BBC News Telugu)
From BBC News Telugu
Goddess Durga defaced (From BBC News Telugu)



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Vamsee Juluri

Vamsee Juluri

Author of Firekeepers of Jwalapuram, Part 2 of The Kishkindha Chronicles (Westland, 2020) & Media Studies Professor at the University of San Francisco.