Today in Hinduphobia March 14, 2020: Disease, Disgust and Dehumanization from Katherine Mayo to “Cow-Piss” Tweets and Coronavirus

NPR’s former India producer Furkan Khan’s tweet from last year
Jim O’Neill, Chair of UK think tank Chatham House said ‘Thank God this didn’t start in India.’
Time magazine’s story on India’s response to Coronovirus now brings in the ‘cow’ trope.
Time magazine’s condescending, 1950s style ‘Third-worldism’ headline
Indian journalist Kanchan Gupta responds with some hard facts.
A twitter user challenges white supremacist media
If you disagree with me, I will call you a “fascist bully” — Borzou Daragahi after sharing a sensationalist article about India and coronavirus.

“The process of constructing Others on the basis of illness, sexuality and race had serious implications for American perceptions of Indians. Americans and most Westerners represented India as a disease-ridden place inhabited by sexually perverted, dark-skinned people.”

“Meanwhile, and instantly, a woman who waited behind the killers of the goat has rushed forward and fallen on all fours to lap up the blood with her tongue… while half a dozen sick, sore dogs, horribly misshapen by nameless diseases, stick their hungry muzzles into the lengthening pool of gore.” (p 71).

“Just now I happened to look at a matronly high-caste woman with an intelligent clean-cut face… She sat down on the floor to show her baby… This revealed his whole little body caked in a mass of dry and half-dry excreta” (p 185)

“And it is into this evil-smelling rubbish-hole that the young wife creeps when her hour is come upon her… (on a) little support of cow-dung or of stones..” (139)

“(The dhai is) at her dirtiest, a bearer of multiple contagions.. (with a) Witch-of-Endor face (and) vermin-infested elf-locks, her hanging rags, her dirty claws… (and her) long unwashed hand, loaded with dirty rings and bracelets and encrusted with living contaminations.” (139–140)

“Disgust appears to be a uniquely human trait. Other animals reject food that they do not like, but they don’t show signs of revulsion like humans do… coming into contact with something nasty, thinking of it as nasty is quite another.”

Disgust-gag humor in Indiana Jones. This is what Indian princes eat, while the white colonial woman rolls her civilized eyes.
Disgust deployment. Reza Aslan eats human brains in India in the sensationalist CNN show Believer which labeled Kashi as a “City of Death.”



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