Today in Hinduphobia September 3, 2019: Bernie’s “Dear White People” Moment, Netflix’s Shiva, and the Violently Destructive Hindu-Civilizing Mission of the Corporate-Colonial Indian State

You will be assimilated! State bulldozers raze centuries-old Hindu community structures in Odisha (photo: news18 India)
Hitler appears in a chapter talking about Ancient India and Hinduism in a now-discontinued textbook from North Carolina (shared by independent scholar Vishal Agrawal). The racist colonial-orientalist Aryan Invasion theory is officially rejected by academia but many progressive scholars and activists perpetuate it indirectly by casting Hindus as invaders of India and Hinduism as a Nazi-like religion.
Because Hindus Don’t Deserve Human Rights, See ? Don’t Need Representation, See?
When is it okay for a White person to decide which Brown immigrants are “diversity” hires? Or for her to decide which Brown people are “caste system” supporters? The editor of the “progresive” Mother Jones magazine on Twitter.
From the Netflix series Money Heist



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Vamsee Juluri

Vamsee Juluri


Author of Firekeepers of Jwalapuram, Part 2 of The Kishkindha Chronicles (Westland, 2020) & Media Studies Professor at the University of San Francisco.